Simple Questions

I want you to guess this questions. and I edit this questions.

Will we have to buy IF live subscription one year/one mouth to get Full access to Global flight? or Can’t we have just full access to Global Flight? LOL

what do you guys think?

Global flight has not had a pricing model yet and your solo question has already been answered. Please look up your question first

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what about 2nd question? what U think

there will be global on solo

It’s already been answered yes there will be a solo global flight. But you will need wifi.

I was thinking Global flight might be available on IF live LOL

Everything you need to know about global thus far, can be found in this thread:

The only exception is the pricing model which has yet to be determined and announced.


Will you be able to play with global on solo mode? also this answers your questions about solo

ok ok ok ok I really thanks full to you

Probably close to $250 (USD) per month, just a rough guess. Speaking of which, it may hit the trillions!

No, the developers do not care for customer enjoyment. They just want Global to be done.

lets see how many ppl take this seriously


sure. i get it. but I just wandering how we will pay to Global flight and play. It doesn’t look like “pay XX$ and you have full access to global flight” Well I guess I’m miss understanding but haha

I’m going to assume your joking.

Nope. Totally serious 🙄


You really gotta look up these questions before you post something like this because 1) There already hundreds of these kinds of threads out there. 2) Threads like these will be closed by a moderator in like the next 10 minutes.

The developers haven’t said anything official about the pricing model yet.

The information we’ve received has been posted in the thread I linked above.

As developer, Philippe, quoted:


I already saw this many time. I’m not asking you to get info. I’m asking What you think!

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Oh I didn’t quite understand your post well – my mistake.

I’m not too sure what global will cost but I can make an educated guess. I won’t say it here, however, as it’s considered speculation which is frowned upon. :)

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It will probably be somewhere at the price point with Live+, and the developers are saying you can download parts of map for offline usage…

oh hahaha. I really hope I can flight global flight with full access LOL. i guess they will make like global flight + one mouth / one year IF live maybe

i guess it will go higher like 70,80$ or even more then that to pay hahahaha