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So I can spawn a A350 at LGA, Can I do that or no? Must Add More Characters

No, an A350 is to large for KLGA. As well as gate size, IFATC also take into account taxiway size and a few other factors.

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Ok, I get that but I can spawn there. So can I do that? Just forget the other factors

Yeah, you can spawn there as long as you don’t plan on departing then it’s fine. If you want to just sit at the gate, then that’s all good!

And just for the fun of it, what if I do depart?

If you are on Expert Server and you attempt to depart, the IFATC controllers will send you an aircraft to large for this airport warning. If you continue then you can get reported and you will not be able to access the Expert Server for 7 days.

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Ight then, Thank you and ima flag the topic for closing.

Flagged, Thank you

No worries mate, have a great day/evening!

Also one more, the 767 once flew into LGA until it stopped can I take the 767 up?

If you want you can always fly on Casual, or solo. If you really want to fly the A350 then just go to JFK or EWR. Yes you can fly the 767, it operates there IRL every once in awhile.

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Ok I’m done, thanks

Closed at OP request