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I was flying around and saw a person who’s name was in green and it said IFRF. Explain what that means anybody

IFRF is their callsign/display name, and their name is green because they’re grade 4.

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See once you get to grade 4 you get this special colour on your display name to indicate that your on the green team.


What is the green team?

Green team doesn’t really exist, he just meant that when you are grade 4, your name tag is in green instead of white

Why? Why do they do that. Ok I know why it’s green but why did his name say IFRF?

That is what he chose his display name to be.

Anyone know what it would stand for?

There are many groups in IF that you can join, and when you join them, you can put the group name in your display name. For example, I put IFATC in front of my display name because I am apart of Infinite Flight Air Traffic Control.
I am not sure what IFRF stands for, but he chose to put IFRF in his display name

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The only thing I could find is the International Flame Research Foundation.
Maybe the person put IFRF their name because they are apart of that foundation.

Huh. Nice thanks!

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Maybe he is in the other groups , And this call sign is the short name of a group in the game … where they make group trips together . And they use the same call sign to know each other …

And Here Colors of all Grade :

White color means Grade 1 ( Pilot Trainee )

White color means Grade 2 ( Pilot Assistant )

White color means Grade 3 ( Top helper pilot )

And the green name means Grade 4 ( first Officer )

And gold name Grade 5 ( Captain ) I’m here 😜


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