Simple query

I have a simple query
about that existing lines destined for transportation from the continent of Asia and North America.

I can use it to transfer from any airport in America to any airport from Asia, but why can’t I use it the other way around?

Because they only go one direction :)

There are westbound and eastbound tracks just like the NATs I believe

I can use that font to move from KSFO to RJTT. But why can’t I use from RJTT to KSFO ?

It’s to avoid conflict between aircraft above an uncontrolled area. It’s the safest way to do it.

There’s different tracks for different directions. For example TRK A on the Atlantic runs east to west, while TRK Z runs west to east

Yes, I saw it between North America and Europe, but I mean, why is there only one path between America and Asia?

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They haven’t developed the Pacific as much as the atlantic because of the amount of traffic I’d say

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Finally, there is someone who has understood what I mean
Thanks for the clarification @EICK

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No bother.

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