Simple Lunch Break Spotting - KMSP - 2/24/2021

Hello IFC, did a bit of spotting during a break between online classes today from a new spot! It was fairly quiet so I only managed to catch a few aircraft. It's nice to be outside again after living through -20 F (-28 C) for the past few weeks. Can't wait to be back at the airport as it warms up!

A DL A321 with very shiny engine nacelles taxing out to the runway for departure. I wonder if this aircraft was recently washed because the silver parts of the engines were quite bright!

The aircraft I originally drove up for, the American Allegheny Retro Livery on their A319 touching down on 30L.

N1603, a 767 taxing past terminal construction for departure to Pheonix, AZ. I wonder what they are renovating.

Rotating off 30L. I think this angle has great potential for the future. Unfortunately, it’s quite far downrange, and I’m not very good with panning with the larger lenses which is why it is a little out of focus. Practice makes perfect I guess.

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I like the picture they are amazing

Did you see any private jets?


I also like the American Airlines special livery you got

WOW, you are very lucky to be able to go Planespotting during an online class break, I would love to do it.

Amazing photos! KMSP is my home airport! Love to see spotting photos from there.

Your pictures are listed very awesome!! 👍😎‼

It definitely has as its really unique :)

Also some fantastic pictures all around including a livery I didn’t know it existed, the AA Allegheny retro.
Thanks for sharing, really well done!

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