Simple Guide (Procedures/Checklist/ATC)

I made this guide to help IF pilots with some procedures, covering from Gate to takeoff, climb and descent.
You can print it or use in another device. To make it easier, there are ATC commands too, so you will know when and what to announce/Request.

Guide content:

  • Procedures for Takeoff, Climb and Descent and Landing
  • Checklist for all flight phases
  • When to retract/extend flaps (including speed)
  • When to retract/lower landing gear
  • What and when to request/announce on ATC
  • How to read METAR

Guide link:

Sources: Boeing FCTM and OM, FAA, this Community posts, Real life procedures seen in YouTube videos and self experience

-This IS NOT a tutorial.
-Even with this guide, I recommend you to watch the community tutorials for better understanding and depth content.
-I would appreciate corrections and suggestions
-The written speeds are valid for the 777-300ER and 787-10, but you can use Vref speeds to make it more universal,
-Procedures for Airliners


Very well put together!

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Good job. ATC column on page 3 seems to have a couple errors.

Procedures for taxi is incorrect.

10 kts on turns and 20 kts on straights.

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This is hands down the best IF checklist. It even has a METAR explaination

Thank you, but those speeds aren’t for turns. My mistake for not specifying

Can you point them in PM, please?

I figured you could add the turn speed as well.

I will, thanks for the feedback

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Well put together!

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There is a new version of the guide in the link with minor corrections

  1. Added ground turn speed. Thanks for the suggestion @CptNathanHope
  2. Fixed ATC procedure in Descent segment. Thank you @AR_AR
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Nice! Thanks for this!

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I have bookmarked this for future reference. :)

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Phenomenal job here, excellent contribution to the community.

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Is there anything you guys would like to see in the updated version? I’m already including Missed Approach/Go Around

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