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Whats Happening So Far: Well as of 2018, US Lawmaker and House Transportation Committee Chair Bill Shuster, the US airline industry’s leading congressional advocate for air traffic control (ATC) privatisation isn’t looking for a re-election this year and this is raising questions on the privatization of ATC.

Little Backside Story On Bill Shuster: Shuster, who leads the House Transportation and Infrastructure Committee, was term-limited at the end of this Congress. He will be the fourth chairmen to back down from re-election and decided he was going to work with current President D. Trump to help pass an Infrastructure Bill before his retirement. Shuster had close ties to the current Airline Trade Group Airlines for America but were having troubles on the effort to relieve ATC from the FAA Control. Bill tried drafting “FAA Funding Bills” in 2016 and 2017 which split ATC from the FAA, creating an ATC company funded by aerospace users and managed by representatives from airlines, the private aviation industry, business aviation industry and unions… Shuster’s 2016 bill had stalled , but to unlikeliness, his 2017 bill had more momentum thanks to current President Mr. Trump.

Whats happening to the current bill now: Well, right now The Congress had shelved or put this bill on hold and instead… passed a bill that extended the FAA’s funding for six months, raising some possibility that Congress could revisit the Privatization plan before the FAA’s Funding plan would expire (At the end of March).

What was Bill Shuster’s Plan Anyway?: Well, Since you most likely don’t know whats going on, Bill Shuster was the leading advocate (supporter) for Air Traffic Control Privatization. He supported this potential act and has been fighting for the past years to remove the ATC from FAA control and hand them over to Industry Players, meaning airlines, private airlines, corporate airlines,private aviation industries, etc. Since Bill was a US Law Maker, he had power, and that power was going to help to pass this certain act. But since he isn’t up for re-election , new questions are being asked of the bill will be continued to be passed for the new year.

What Might Shuster Do: There are new questions on if he will continue to work to help get this bill passed since this particular subject was Shuster’s ultimate achievement in his congressional career. Sources state that he will be motivated to get the job done as hes there. Bob Poole , director of transportation policy at nonprofit Reason Foundation, thinks that Missouri Congressman, Sam Graves will succeed Shuster as committee chair and will continue Shuster’s efforts to pass the bill.

What Will Be In Store For The Law: As of right now, the bill will be on hold since Bill Shuster has declined re-election. The main success of ATC changes in 2018 rest largely on whether the “Infrastructure Bill” will include changes to ATC.

My Review On The Topic: I believe that Congress is supporting the FAA. They are stalling further more so they can come up with a way for this bill to be stalled or declined. I believe that the bill will be passed sooner or later and someone will make this happen for sure. I guess there is no way to put the topic rather then praying on your side whether ATC falls in the hands of Aviation Industry Players or will remain in the hands of the FAA. My name is Ryan Vidad, this is Simple Aviation, have a great new years!

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Even Simpler Review On The Topic Listed Above: Bill Shuster, a law maker, has been fighting to help pass a bill to have ATC transferred from the FAA to Aviation Industry Players. Since he has chosen to not be re-elected for Congress, the bill will be on hold as Shuster is looking to include the bill in another “Infrastructure Bill” hopin to be passed. All questions rise on the current state of the bill deciding whether or not the bill will be passed :)

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