Simple ATC automation


I’d like to be able to have the ability to send aircraft into preset flight paths that follow the major departure and arrival routes to and from airports. They could be a set of semi automated flight instructions that tell the pilot alt , head, and speed. That might ease the work for centre, departure and approach operators.

The other feature I would really love, is the ability to colour code the craft on my ATC screen, eg, blue for departures, green for arrivals, yellow for VFR’s, white for patterned craft, red for those that I need to be careful of or just simply ignore (you know the ones) with the absence of being able to ghost them we should be able to privately identify and ignore them until they behave. This would be a management tool and would not change the colours for everyone, just those on your screen.

And I really need taxi lights, it is near impossible to see anything at night. Actually I think that should be the next major update, a full night and weather update.

Missions w/ Automated ATC? (Idea)

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That’s the beauty of it, you could assign them for anything you like. Say you are flying with a bunch of friends, well you could code them so that they were easy to find on the map. Or , as you said highlight airports, waypoints, frequencies, …really anything.


Im color blind so the purple and blue color codes drive me nuts. I only see them both as blue. Cants see the red slopes either. Lots of guesswork going on for me. lol.


Never knew that, I feel sorry for you. :(


Ah no worries. It’s not really that big a deal. Can be pretty funny some times though. :)


As a color blind you may not be able to see the difference in blue or violet, but you can see much more other colors btw, so it’s not bad only it has also itms positive sides ;)


It can have some advantages. For some reason I can see through standard forest cammoflage. It made things very easy for me with paint balling in the woods. Yet I can’t match my own clothes. Haha… Interesting trade off eh?


That’s ehat I mean exactly! You can see about one hunderd more brown colors than notmal people do ;) If you’d be in the military or in a war that’d be a great advantage. Our biology teacher had it too and presented it as a benefit instead of a weakness to us.


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I agree there, if you set up your flight path to follow sids or stars then your aircraft should follow that route. Or have it so that if you request those routes or are directed to follow those routes mid flight then you should be able to select them from the inflight planning screen and have AP follow them. But I suspect that would stretch the computing power of a smartphone or tablet to breaking point. In fact they must be nearly there as is. I mean I have a brand new iPad dedicated to just IF and it gets lunched from time to time and spat out of a session. Full crashes are also not uncommon, which can only mean that the performance threshold is almost maxed out. I wrote somewhere earlier that IF needs to think about heading to a desktop platform if it wants to add all the features people are asking for. I myself would love to see that.


The paintballing advantage makes it all worth it :) I’d take that anyday😂

Bet you still couldn’t get a few decent shots in at me though😉