Simple A350 Question

Seen as the The recent CRJ rework brought a detailed cabin, and the new XCub has a detailed interior and cockpit area. And the 717 and Cessna Citation have cabins.

Does anyone know if the A350 will have a cabin? I understand if they haven’t revealed that info yet, but just asking, Thanks! 😃

By the way the A350 looks great already!

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Well, it is typically a norm for new aircraft to have features of previous aircraft, but nothing has been confirmed as yet. :)


Ok, thanks, I hope it has one!

It will definitely have a cabin.

What’s in that cabin is anyone’s guess.


Reworked or new aircraft will continue to have more features so it will be normal to have interiors, working buttons, live cockpits etc. This is why after every update your device needs to be more powerful. But yes the A350 should have a cabin and hopefully a restroom…


Time will tell… ⏰