Simon_Guo1’s ATC Tracking Thread - [CLOSED] @ N/A

Welcome to
Simon_Guo1‘s ATC Tracking Thread

Server: Training
Frequency: Ground and Tower
Airport: EDDP
Runways: 26s

Current status:
Estimated closing time: -

Goal of ATC tracking thread :
Practice before official practical test.

Focus Areas:
Anything, but mainly pattern work, sequencing.

Your participation would be greatly appreciated!

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Do you mean 1400Z-2000Z?

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Too late for me

Open in 10 min



Thanks to @se.castano and @NoahWong
Feel free to send me feedbacks

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@se.castano Nice team work👍


Including you are taxing with the spd of 120 on RWY and @se.castano approaching with the spd of 150😂


NEXT Time Period



Today I will open KSSC at 0100Z
Open for 30 min


Welcome for patterns

Thanks for coming


See u next time

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Excellent! Have nothing to complain on my side. You handled the late runway change very fast! Just a few points:

  • You issued taxi instructions to B-777 even though they weren’t ready yet. I’m sure this was just a miss click, as I have requested taxi at that very moment.

  • You could have used give way instructions when me and B-777 were in a bit of a conflict at the start, but it was fine. I probably wouldn’t have either.

  • You told B-777 to expedite their departure while I was still on downwind. This was not really necessary (B-777 didn’t really know what they were doing, so I guess that’s why). You could have told me to extend downwind though, allowing them to concentrate on their departure (if you think it was too close).

  • You could have waited a few more seconds before going offline to give me a runway exit and taxi to parking 😉

See you next time! :)

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Your feedback is very helpful. I suddenly had something to do, so I went offline very quickly, sorry about that.
Looking forward to seeing you again!👀

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