Simionic PFD and Apple Digital AV Adapter Works Magic


i am using the simionic PFD on my iPad and running IF on my Iphone. I connect iphone to my computer monitor using an AV adapter from apple and you would think that i am running super sim. I will post a pic later.

Simionic info:

Ok, what point are you trying to make here? Do you have an issue with this or?

See pic of my set up. If you have the resources, I highly recommend this setup! I have my ipad running Simionic. My iphone is running IF and is connected to screen via AV adapter. Both devices are connected to the same wireless. I am using a Dualshock4 controller to fly. its pretty awesome.

FYI. Showing people the power of Simionic. I saw posts from over a year ago that are now closed on the topic. Past Simionic Posts

Cool. That looks amazing!

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