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I’m not sure if this is possible, but I think the forum could use a feature where it will not allow you to create a reply on a thread if a very similar one has been created recently… I saw a topic today where a new member was bombarded with the same information, and I think something like this would help…


There is already a function like that while on a desktop.


I think this should be requested in the discourse meta forum instead(?)


Good idea, this will stop all the duplicates!

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Like what @schyllberg said, it is available on the forum if you are using a computer. I don’t think the function is available for mobile devices if I remember correctly.


It is available for mobile devices. So, this is already a feature. @CannedAviation

@schyllberg and @CannedAviation, I receive the alert on my iPad as well. I think it’s available on mobile devices as long as you’re in desktop view. I can’t speak for all devices. It just happens to be there on my iPad. Not sure about other devices if you request desktop view.


Yeah, that’s true. Desktop view is the key. The version adapted for mobile browsers does not support it however.

Ok now we just need the feature to be available when you are on mobile view :P

@BluePanda900 posts like this for much better suited for Discourse Meta as they are the ones can that can this happen (for mobile, anyway)


doesn’t come on my iphone lol

Same. That’s why we need it for mobile view.

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Right, because it’s probably modified for the mobile version, whereas my iPad has enough space to provide some of the desktop functionality. It’s not iOS v Android, but mobile v desktop view.

Yep, I use discourse forums on my iPad and it comes up in the desktop view. But when I use my iPhone, the UI elements have to adapt to the smaller screen. Some Android Phablets might be big enough to have the desktop view but I’m not sure

I’m sorry about that I will do my best

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I case that you’re talking about me, I apologise because I forgot about my first comment and wrote the same one twice.

I don’t think anyone is that specific, this is recurring issue here :)


Would it work like this:

Good idea, this will stop all the duplicates

Warning Your post is simular to 4 by Carrots4Luke1

Please reconfigure your post or or you will be band for 2 minutes

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This is still a thing you need to bring to Discourse Meta. It’s nothing that can be configured from FDS’s side.

It functions on my iPad too.