Simikot (VNST) to Talcha (VNT1) as a converted helicopter (Daher TMB-930)

Seeing as in infinite flight doesn’t have any helicopters to fly with I decided to fly a Daher TBM-930 in 97kts winds, from Simikot to Talcha in Nepal as a helicopter. Surprisingly enough it worked really well and I landed successfully at Talcha.

Route: VNST-VNT1
Time: 20 minutes
Server: Solo

  1. Takeoff

  2. Gear up

  3. Gear down

  4. Just before touchdown

  5. touchdown



Interesting helicopter you got there.


Seems more like a

B-LIMP to me ;)

That is funny though lol


Ahhh… Reminds me of the days when IF had the Super Decathlon, and we could set the winds up high and make it hover.

Great shots!


Now that… is a very interesting way to cheat the system! I like the pictures and totally am not about to go try it… heh

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When you’re bored and got nothing to do but something pops in ur mind. Nice thinking

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They need to remodel it and put it back into IF

Video or it never happened!