Simferopol International charts V.2.0

if you decide to fly to Simferopol tomorrow, keep the charts, witch me and my friends (also real pilot) founded for you)
We did it because it is no procedures at the game, and it is too hard to find coordinates of waypoints in the internet.


Distances in km, speed in km/h and altitude in metres? That’s certainly interesting! I thought Russia switched over to standard aviation units.

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This is standard for charts from that serves navigation in Russia, Turkmenistan and Tajikistan @CaptainSooraj

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really thanks for your airport information!!

Thanks @kit_v_kapushone for the international charts for Simferopol International Airport.
It’s probably the one destination i’m most looking forward to flying there tmw in this week IFATC schedule - Can’t wait!

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Ah yes, it looks like an absolute piece of cake to get into 😉🤔…
And I absolutely am not going to descend below the vertical limits of the P D and R areas before getting appropriate instructions from ATC!

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No wonder I nearly oversped if the speeds are in km/h when I flew there a while back.


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