SimCaptain's 2020 Livery Designing Contest: Semifinal Voting Round!

Congrats to the semifinalists for @SimCaptain’s 2020 Livery Designing Contest! I had some awesome designs sent to me, even one inspired by our beloved mod @DeerCrusher. For now, I am not going to reveal who made what livery, as I want y’all to vote for the livery, not the designer. Also, some people added cool backgrounds to their liveries, and, while they are beautiful, please make your decision based on the livery itself. I will have a drop-down box at the end crediting our semifinalists. The top two liveries voted for will advance to the finals. Vote carefully!

Alaska Airlines Mountain Livery

Skywind Airlines Livery
Skywind B767-300ER

Deercrusher American Eagle Livery

Infinite Flight 9 Years Livery

The designer of this livery would like to credit @ILOVE7879-2.0 for the background of this image.

  • Alaska Airlines Mountain Livery
  • Skywind Airlines Livery
  • Deercrusher American Eagle Livery
  • Infinite Flight 9 Years Livery

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Semifinal voting will be open until 2020-05-08T05:00:00Z
Thanks to everyone who entered! I enjoyed receiving your submissions!




You should make another one of these with a specific theme, like North American airlines, liveries on a 787, a featured color, etc etc


Yes, I have been thinking about doing more contests when this is over. Thanks for the ideas!


It feels great to be in the semifinals, I’m so happy! Good luck to everyone in the voting, all the liveries look great!

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