I can not plan a flight to Istanbul LTFM Any tips? #Support

What airport did you choose to takeoff or plan from?

Alright, and what aircraft did you want to fly out of with?

A330F Turkish Cargo

Thanks for the info. I’ll take look at the Flight Plan up on the Simbrief section of

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Use LTBA when filling in the flightplan and when your on IF delete and add the waypoints you want to use.

@Josmar Just checked this Flight Plan and seems like LTFM is a brand new airport, and yet not added to the Simbrief airport list. Use LTBA instead for now. I’ll check the Approach charts for LTFM

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LTFM is in the database for AIRAC 1907 & 1908 (The latest version). Just checked it and it is showing. AIRAC 1803 is out of date so this maybe the reason why it’s not showing the new airport.

@Josmar If you want access to a flight plan to LTFM you will need to upgrade to the latest AIRAC that is available on Simbrief. The free 1803 is out of date so will not show any new airports or changes to flight paths. (Correct me if that’s not right).

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Yes this is outdated😕😔

Sorry about that. It may get added to 1803 soon, I don’t know though. I would recommend ugrading to the latest AIRAC for latest plans.

If you are looking to fly out of/in to LTFM in the future using SimBrief, if you don’t upgrade to the current AIRAC Cycles, just keep in mind that you will have to wait until the SimBrief default cycles are up to date enough to support it. This will be most likely when it reaches 1811, as this is when the procedures were made and published for it’s opening on October 29, 2018.

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I had the same issue before, not knowing why it wouldn’t work. I would suggest to go on FPL to IF. That’s the most simple way in my opinion.

Even if you use You will still need to have an active subscription for Simbrief to make a flight plan to that airport.

I spent a lot of money signing the Infinite flight, I’ll leave that signature for some time

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