In simbrief there is a corner for cargo and passenger. But do I need to caliculate the passenger’ ms bagge wight or the passenger’s bagge weight is included in the number of passengers.

Pretty sure most of the cargo on a passenger plane is luggage 🤔

The passengers’ baggage weight is not included in the passengers’ weight. It goes in the cargo section.

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Thanks for the info!
Next time I’ll caliculate bagge weight and do a more realistic flight:)

Those are optional fill in boxes, you don’t have to put those in just to let you know ;)

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Thanks for the info but I already knew that :)

Actually I’m pretty sure it is included in passenger weight

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What!! Ok I so who is right?

I’m pretty sure the sum total of the weight is the sum no matter to what you ascribe it.

[i.e. 100kg + 50kg = 75kg + 75kg]


Roger. thanks for the info:)

I found this on help. But thanks for the help!!!