Simbrief waypoints

Is there any way to restrict the altitude of a certain way point in simbrief?


Can you explain it a little more detailed? What do you mean?

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I use a combination of (set to sim brief) with IF Assistant in order to have a good flight. Fpltoif gives you the best flight plan, with allowances for weather, fuel calculation, speed and altitude etc. If on a long haul IFAssistant will allow you to program in your step climbs so that you arrive as per the plan and don’t run out of fuel!

Not sure what you mean by restricting altitude? Do not want to fly so high? That would mean that you burn more fuel and the flight take longer.

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I was wondering if I’m able to restrict the altitude of the way point to match the chart. So that I don’t have to do it manually.

I don’t now have to explain better but, do what the chart tells me to do. For example be at FL140 at a certain way point

Ah ok. Yes that’s where IF Assistant comes in! Once you have loading in your flight plan on Infinite Flight, then go to IFA and you can set the Altitude at different waypoints.

I normally manually set the altitude until top of climb, then as I have set the step climbs in I can leave it until TOD, however on dec]scent I again manually set the altitude but you can use IFA to do this for you.


I already have the IFA!
Loving the VNAV:)

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I mean if you really wanted to you could select your own alts, you don’t have to follow simbrief. There are time I do this when I need to just quickly go to the final cruise alt before bed or leaving the house etc


Yah but I don’t want to calculate VS lol

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Just use something reasonable. If it’s safe I will use 1400, if not then a bit less as long as my airspeed isn’t dropping.

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That’s one way to do it!

Those enroute altitude numbers before reaching cruise and also during descent are completely arbitrary. I always ignore them because they aren’t that accurate. It’s all an estimate of what your V/S should be between two sets of waypoints but they don’t take your weight into account; i.e. I could be very heavy and only climb 1500fpm while SimBrief wants me to climb 2500fpm between two waypoints in order to reach 12,000ft.

Only the TOC/TOD waypoints and final cruising altitude matter. Oftentimes, I don’t follow the former but it is helpful. It’s more of a way to guide me throughout the climbing/descent phase of my flight. I try to make the most optimal climb and descent in order to save up on fuel if necessary.


Simbrief unfortunately doesn’t take the crossing restrictions on a STAR into account and the TOD point is often past where you’d need to begin descent to meet restrictions. I use the TOD feature in VirtualHub to get a distance from my first restricted waypoint to be level at that waypoint and use IFA to alert me 10 miles PRIOR to that.


Cruising at FL370 towards JFK on the LENDY6 arrival in an A321 which simbrief uses .78 Mach to 300kt for a descent profile
The first restriction is FL230 at JENNO

I use VirtualHub to get distance and VS-in this case .78M and FL370 to FL230 gets me 46.7nm at -2340FPM/VS.

I’ll set IFA to notify me at 60 miles prior to JENNO and begin my descent at -2200fpm instead of the -2340. Then once I’m in the descent, once JENNO becomes the active waypoint in IFA, the IFA VNAV will adjust to put me at FL230 overhead JENNO.

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