SimBrief step climbing to lower altitude


Not sure which category this fits into so I just put general.

Anyway, I’m just about to fly from HECA to LFPG in the A359 and SimBrief is asking me to climb to FL38 for the first half of the flight then climb to FL40 for 35nm then descend to FL32 for the remaining 705nm.

Does anyone know why it would want me to step climb down instead of up? I’ve never experienced this in SimBrief before so I was curious.

Cheers for any replies.

Not too sure about this one, but I think you mean FL400 and FL380?

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Right category!

This is probably because it is projecting more favorable winds for this part of your journey. It has happened to me before, but not usually that much.

You can click on the wind icon on the map & check the winds at the different flight levels.


Huh? Is that actually how you say it? I’ve been missing a 0 this whole time?

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Ahh that makes sense. I’ll wait and see if that’s the case. Thanks.


This could be due to winds, or ATC, or conflicting other traffic, or anything.
Funny thing is, I was planning a flight for tmr LAX-MEX and I found this delta flight, where the step climbing was all over the place.


Hmm yeah that’s interesting. I would say wind would be my best bet unless SimBrief actually knows current ATC activities and location of other users flights.


It could be following any altitude restrictions along an airway or in an airspace.


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