SimBrief SIDs not showing up on IF?

Hi, I’m starting to use SimBrief to plot my flight plans. However, when I was planning my EGLL-KJFK flight, I noticed that in SimBrief it lists a departure (GOGS1G) that doesn’t show up when you look up the SIDs for EGLL. Is there a way to get around this or to fix it? Thanks.

It might because sim brief is giving you outdated charts coz you haven’t subscribed to the latest stuff or something like that

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That is because SimBrief uses AIRAC Cycle 1803 or 1903, so procedures aren’t updated, unlike in IF with NavBlue. The charts are thus outdated. I usually find one with same name, just with a number higher or lower (GOGS2G) for example, which has the same waypoint and similar runway, just updated in some way.


Have you paid for the latest AIRAC in SimBrief?
Otherwise the SID you are looking for might be outdated.
You can cross check with the UK authority information at NATS

I haven’t found a SID GOGS1G in those documents.

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