SimBrief Question

Hello guys

On Simbrief
on the flight plan page, it never tells me my Stab Trim
it is always blank, help me

go to the OFP, and go down to Weights, then at the Stab Trim, it is blank
how do i fix this, it is the same on ALL flights

I’m sorry, might be a dumb question, but what is stab trim? I have never dealt with anything like that on Infinite Flight or Simbrief.

The trim of the aircraft

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Pretty sure Simbrief doesnt say anything about trim, that’s up to you.

You get to customize that stuff

Ok then!

is there a way to calculate it then?

This database is a great source for takeoff speeds, throttles, and trims as well as landing speeds on the majority of Infinite Flight’s aircraft and is what I use for my trim numbers.


Simbrief won’t show your stab trim. It is intended that you input all the appropriate information into your fms and it will calculate your stab trim.

Trim is determined by the position of your center of gravity, which would be either in inches aft of your datum reference point, as found by dividing your total moment / total weight, or represented as a % of MAC or Mean Aircraft Chord. Before I lull on with what all that stuff is, to answer your question, I’m not entirely sure IF’s FDE, as much as I love it, really considers my CG location. Flown many planes fully loaded in the front hold and empty in the back, and vice versa, and have never experienced any different handling characteristics. Aft loaded aircraft should be more unstable and have a greater stalling tendency, but I have yet to see that happen.

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I believe it’s because it doesn’t necessarily know how you loaded the aircraft (forward vs aft CG) and that’s the determining factor for trim, not weight (most of the time). That’s also not modeled accurately in IF anyways so it’s really trial and error what works best for you during takeoff

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