Simbrief LTFM Issue


Not sure who if anyone to tag in this post .

Looks as though it’s not been updated on the simbrief database. Might be worth filing a plan to LTBA and then just manually adjust the fpl towards the new airport


That’s what I’ve done in my current flight.


I don’t think anyone here has access to SimBrief servers/code/databases or anything else such that they could fix that. Looks like you may be going through @Chris_S’s site, but unless I’m mistaken, he’s just routing you to SimBrief, with the actual information gathering taking place on SimBrief, not his site.

(If you’re on SB proper, even more so.)

I have used LTFJ to depart from there as the airport is nearby and just remove waypoints that make you go away from your destination

depends how up to date the AIRAC cylce is you are using in simbrief. See under My Accounts. The latest AIRAC cycle is 1903 and this does include LTFM.

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It wasn’t an issue for me just wanted to pass it on to the right chap
This space is good for that hope it got to the right person

I let my contact at SimBrief know. Thanks for the report.