Simbrief Integration

Hello People We all know that Simbrief is a very handy application but you have a flightplan and what then tick every single waypoint in IF no maybe we could get a intregration of simbrief so you make your flight plan on your mobile device and then it will automatically appear in your map and you can fly in no time

-Sorry for my bad English-

Interesting. I like it. Maybe vote for it yourself as well?


Doesn’t have to be added now, but down the line it would be nice. ;)

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Welp, it’d be great because I CANNOT Stand copying every fix into IF


You can just select all the waypoints in the route generated by SimBrief after clicking ‘analyse route’ and then copy and paste them into the search bar in infinite flight to give you the whole route.

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i tested it IF crashes then

Tried it, not all the fixes are on IF


It only crashes if you have low RAM I believe, on my android it crashed, but on my iPad it worked fine with waypoints from EGLL to KLAX.

Yes, however the majority are and it isn’t hard to fill in he gaps when they don’t come up. Sometimes you need to edit it as well because it sends you to the other side of the world. But in any case it isn’t rocket science and takes all of two minutes to finalize your route.

What I do is I make the FPL in IF and then copy It into SimBrief to get fuel calculations. 😉