Simbrief gone mad

Hello Gents

as you know Simbrief is making us log in using navigraph now, and once you do that you need to “set it up” well you click that and nothing happenes, and then after 20 mins of waiting then I need to subcribe to navigraph, so does this mean that simbrief is charging now?

if somebody found out how to do this, can you explain how?
I apologized if this is the wrong place to ask but it is the best place I found

I never had this, I just had to approve my account, can you show a photo?

it just re directs me to navigraph and not to a login page
however I can try again later

Were you using FPLtoIF or Simbrief itself?


Recently, Simbrief was acquired by Navigraph. To log in with Simbrief, you now need a Navigraph account which can be created for free. You can find the information to do this at the link below.

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yes I was using a differnet app that uses simbrief, simtoolkitpro

oh ok, never heard of that so I would probaly follow @Aceorbit s instructions.

I had no issue through fpltoif to register for free with Navigraph.

Make an account with Navigraph and than it will ask you if you want to be directed to sim brief. Say yes. The same thing happened to me

I always use siembrief, yesterday I couldn’t log in with my username, I created my account in navigraph, for free, just by following the instructions, and now I use it the same as before.

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