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Are we still able to copy and paste Simbrief flight plan routings or do we now have to manually input the route?

i didn’t even know that was possible lol

Yes, you are still able to do this but you should skip out the SID/STAR portion. Then, you can manually add those via IF and voila. Another option is to copy the entire flight plan, delete the SID/STAR and then add them via IF.

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Yes you can I made a mini tutorial on it, gimme a second

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I personally manually input but you could do both.

Hmmmm… ok, yeah, I thought wewould have to skip the SIDs/STARs, but it won’t let me put in even the most basic set of waypoints

I’d only copy the flight plan excluding the SIDs and STARs. There’s a new feature to paste the flight plan to the existing one.

From what I’ve done so far,
You select the SID you’d like then paste the flight plan to current(without the provided SIDs and STARs) then add the STAR.

Okay first you add your departure airport, then you add the SID simbrief tells you, then scan your flight plan with the SID waypoints IF places for you, with this you should be able to find the transitions, then copy all the waypoints that are after the SID and before the STAR, the insert the STAR simbrief tells you. Then you can use the flight plan and scan the waypoints to find the transitions, then scroll through the arrivals and select an appropriation one that leads to the runway, add the arrival airport and you’re all set! Make sure to contact ATC at appropriate time, request the descent via the STAR and always monitor your plane when VNAV is engaged!

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Ok, so I have manually added the SID, ,but when I paste the route, it still won’t set anything. I have removed the SID and STAR and changed the format of GPS points. Here’s what
I am pasting in:

Paste the route in its entirety and remove the SID/STARs from the fpl , then add the IF ones.

I just tried and it won’t let me paste. I will just do it manually for now and work it out some other time.

Thats what I do and after 10 minute practice it takes about 6 mins to manually put in a 15hr flight plan!

Try to follow the steps provided by @Populeux_Music

In simbrief, what I did was to remove the SIDs and STARs from the simbrief flight plan.
With the SIDs and STARs being in the sim, you would add the SID then paste the fpl (from to add it to current flight plan then for the STAR, use the route that continues from your flight plan’s transition.

For your flight plan in simbrief, once you make it an OFP, scroll down then copy the xml extension, paste it into the simbrief classic page then you’ll get your flight plan with the appropriate wayopints.

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I paste the route in from simbrief/fpltoif which includes the departure and arrival airports but excludes any waypoints on the SID/STAR.

Then I add in the SID/STAR and approach.

Has worked fine since 20.1 and I have done several flights doing this.

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