SimBrief Flight Planning

How do you properly file this flight plan in IF, which was generated by SimBrief? I get that the “DCT” means direct, but what does the “Q75” mean, and how come some waypoints don’t have “DCT”?


Route: KPHL - KCLT

Q75 is a jet route, think of it like a highway in the sky containing multiple waypoints along the way. Labeling it that way cuts down on clutter when filing and picking up flight plans. You would need an IFR High chart or use a website like Skyvector to find the airway and see what waypoints it contains. In this case, your ‘on-ramp’ to the highway is STOEN and your ‘off-ramp’ is GVE.

If you want to fly this one, I used ForeFlight to decode the route, the waypoints in Q75 that youre missing are STOEN SACRI MURPH TOOBN HAMMZ GVE.

The DCT just means direct, so for plugging it into Infinite Flight just ignore it and enter the next waypoint.

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So really there are a lot more waypoints than just the “DCT” ones?

Yes, in this case the part of Q75 that you’re flying is 6 waypoints but the whole “highway” is much longer.

The reason they write out DCT is because most of the time, the flight plan will only be these highways and switching from one to another, very rarely going off the highway to go direct to another waypoint somewhere else. So they specifically tell you that it’s not part of a jet route or airway, you’re just going direct to the point. It also has to do with how the flight plans are entered in the FMS of most jets.

I always use Infinite Flight FPL Converter to convert the flightplans generated by Simbrief for Infinite Flight, you just have to copy the converted flightplan and maybe adjust the procedures and then you should be ready to go!

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