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I made a flight plan on simbrief from VIDP to KSFO. There are two main routes this flight takes:

  1. South of the Himalayas and across the Pacific, normally in the winter when the jet stream is stronger.

  2. North of the Himalayas and through Siberia, when the jet stream is less powerful.

There were two flights irl (United/Air India) and both have been using the northern route this entire week. Neither has gone south recently. However, the first route option that simbrief provided last night was for the southern route. It ended up being almost an hour longer than the real flight.

Two of the provided routes went north but my question is: how do you determine which route will be the fastest. When you switch between routes simbrief doesn’t adjust the ete. Does anyone know a practical way to get simbrief to provide the fastest route?

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I use
It gives me the fastest route so i don’t have to choose from a list

Rn the tailwind over the pacific is strong, so you can take the route that cross over the pacific. I fly this route a week ago and i did 15:44hr

Some times the fastest route may also not be the most optimal.

Last week I was flying from Yokota AB in Japan to Seattle, and Simbrief was adamant that I use a southern route following the jet stream, but the proposed ETOPS alternate of Shemya was at 0sm with 37 knots of crosswind…not happening (Sapporo, Cold Bay, and Adak were also unsuitable) , so I had to take the northern route along G583 adding 2+ hours to the route using UHPP, (Petropavlovsk) and PAFA (Fairbanks).

So if you deem an alternate route to be safer/more practical you can always click on the Flightaware button on the route finder and select one used in real life. Or you can generate a custom route using that function and just make sure to put a single desired waypoint in the “must include” section, that way it’ll generate an optimal route that tracks in the direction that you desire, overriding the default route.

The quickest way to find which is faster (at least in my experience) is to generate the same route twice with both route options and just compare the fuel burn and flight times, and then pick the one that you want, while ensuring you have the correct release.

When you generate your OFP on Simbrief the Flight Time section will update based on route.

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