SimBrief EnRoute Time

Is the time enroute for simbrief accurate?

Simbrief can be used as a good estimate, or reference for flight planning. Your E/R time is based on many factors, such as changing weather, weight and balance changes, fuel use, ATC vectors, and as a result many things can change while you are flying. Hope this helps.


In my experience, pretty accurate. It does take wind in the chosen flight levels and other weather factors(beyond my full understanding) into consideration.


Almost all the time when I stick to the altitude and the correct speeds I’m within a 15 minute difference from the estimated flight time. So yeah it’s really accurate.

it is accurate but only if you use the speeds given. If you are gonna fly over night, using skyvector, then adding 10-15 minutes for climb and descent is more accurate.

usually when i use simbrief im about 1hr ahead of schedule

I’ve found it’s pretty accurate to within 15 minutes or so, I’m almost always faster than what the estimated time says.

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