---> Infinite Flight tutorial!

Good day everyone!

I notice that there are a lot of questions being posed regarding flight planning.
I decided to make an easy to understand (hopefully), quick tutorial for everyone’s reference on how to
use (not to make flight plans. Take a look and let me know what you think-- is there a tutorial related to flight planning or aircraft that you would like to see next? Depending on how well this does, I might make it a regular thing :)

Have fun and thank you for watching!


Hey guys, I noticed too late that you couldn’t see the dropdown boxes on some selections I was making. This should not impact the video though as I explain what I am changing.


Great tutorial! Loved it!

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Thank you!

Great video! Very well explained!
lol i’m working on a similar tutorial for my channel 😂

Thank you! Good luck.

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Does anyone know if SImBrief can show your takeoff performance, such as power setting, flaps, V-speeds, etc?

@parin365 Yes…sort of. If you select the JBU Format for your flight plan, scroll down the flight plan and there will be takeoff data with V-Speeds. However, the Flap setting is pre-determined and the data is only available for some aircraft. Most of the Boeing’s, Airbus’s, E-Jets are supported. I usually use the V-Speeds provided but will increase or decrease the speeds depending on which flap setting I decide to use. Hope that helps!