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I don’t know if there’s a topic for this already or not, however if there is please let me know!

This is more of a question more than anything, but I’m wondering how many people here use Simbrief and Navigraoh Charts to help create flight plans and use SID’s and STARS?

I find it useful especially when planning my weight and balance, and finding relevant SID’s and STARs for my route, thus making the experience more realistic.
I also find Navigraph Charts useful for finding any altitude restrictions which may not be listed in Infinite Flight

What’s your favourite feature of Simbrief or Navigraph Charts if you use it?

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I mostly use, because it’s entirely free and has every airport I looked up so far. I utilize charts to make it more realistic, and to better recreate flights as they obviously also use them most of the time.


We kind of really need charts to supplement the procedures in the IF database… Many are in fact complete, but some are missing crucial aspects thst are on the printed charts;

For example, instructions to reverse direction, speed and distance limitations during turns (to keep turns tight and avoid terrain), or in some cases whole pages describing visual flying routes that occur before reaching the first fix on the chart.

I find it fun to try and put these into practice and get a fairly accurate and controlled approach around some difficult terrain… Well I say “try”… ☺️


I completely follow what @anon2996007 posted about. I can’t stress enough about how great is! If you don’t want to spend a monthly subscription to navigraph, all you need to do is create a VATSIM account (simple and free) and you get nearly all worldwide airport charts.

In addition, if you need charts for any airport that you can’t find online, just type into google “(ICAO CODE) VATSIM Charts”. Usually this will direct you to the country’s VATSIM home page where they store all up-to-date procedures and charts!

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Fair enough, I’ve heard it’s good that website .
Flight plan database is also good for finding routes too.

Are the charts on chartfox Jeppesen based like on Navigraph?

I agree there with you mate!

Yeah there are some procedures with missing altitude figures on some STARs, so I often turn to the charts to find what altitude it lists for some particular waypoints

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No, not really.

It uses the country’s eAIP charts, they differ from country to country. For countries where the eAIP is restricted, for example Germany, Chartfox is using VATSIM Germany’s charts.

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Yea, I use Navigraph combined with SimBrief, its an amazing combo and makes my flight planning 10 times easier, for IF and when I fly on Vatsim. My favorite feature is probably the SIDs/STARs overlay, so I can see which would be the most appropriate based off of the airway I’m coming off of.


Well, I guess I am using one of the most complicated variants. I use to check whether I find an actual route for the flight I’m planning. If there isn’t, I take one from SimBrief. Either way I paste the route into skyvector and adapt it (reroute directs, adapt NATs etc.) and copy it back to SimBrief. Once spawned in IF I use Navigraph to access the most actual procedure charts which are very useful for displaying the full procedure routes (since IF procedures “only” include directs), altitude restrictions and other info.
Another reason to use charts is the departure and arrival briefing pages. A lot of information there is not relevant for IF, but it is worth looking for e.g. noise abatement procedures since they may provide exact info at which altitude pilots shall reduce throttle from takeoff to climb power etc. These are just small details, but imo still very nice to add another touch of realism.

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I use simbrief and navigraph. They both take ethe guess work out which is probably the best quality of the two. The ability to geo-reference aircraft on a Navigraph chart is something I’ve longed for for a long time. I wish that compatibility existed


I bought Navigraph and don’t worry :))
But also it is Russian made bot, which can give for free flight plan (can’t be used in if because this format) and Jappasin charts of 6300 airports. (Or something like that)

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