SimBrief and Infinite Flight Airframes

Hi everyone,

Just a genuine question really, does anyone have the correct SimBrief Airframes for Infinite Flight Aircraft, I have been trying to update them as I fly each aircraft to that my flight can be as realistic as possible. That is if people don’t mind sharing them with me.

I have tried to update the fuel factor for each aircraft (SimBrief seems to calculate way too much fuel)
Do any aircraft need a cruise offset?

Many thanks, and I apologise if anyone is confused by my post :)


I have no idea and don’t have any, but didn’t want to leave the post in silence after 20 mins I’m sure you’ve been waiting.

Useless comment, just didn’t want to leave you in silence.

Haha, many thanks and no worries

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Good afternoon
Yes I use the Saved Airframes feature in Simbrief, and I try to base them of the reg’s of each aircraft in the game.
With that, I then deep dive further on the internet, to try and find the real life seating configurations, Serial numbers (MSN), it’s Mode S Transponder code, the engine make/model e.g. the GE90-115BL1 engine for the Emirates 777-31H(ER) (777-300ER as we know) , even the MTOW for each aircraft if I can find them.

I have created a fair few over the last few months, more recently with the 21.1 update the EasyJet A320 with the registration G-EZPB.

However, I don’t have every aircraft in Infinite Flight, and finding the information isn’t always straightforward and easy.
So I do on some airframes just go with what I’m given as default

Thank you for the help and advice, I have noticed that it involves a lot research when figuring out the correct airframe profiles and also a lot of test flights to figure out certain information.

Would it help if I was to message you directly with some airframes I have created myself on Simbrief?

Yes, that would be great if you don’t mind, thank you!

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I have just messaged you on that note 😊

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