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Hey everybody,
I was about to log in on my simbrief account to start a long-haul flight to arrive in KATL in the evening, but an issue happened. Simbrief is migrating to another website and is down, if i do not leave in the next hour or so i won’t be able to make the flight.
Does anybody have a free alternative that can let me prepare my flight ?
Many thanks


I can make a flight plan for you, where are you headed from and to

Hey! That is really nice of you. I was hoping to head from EHAM to KATL in the KLM 787X. Does the app that you’re using gives details such as the passenger count and fuel ?

Or you can use flight aware cause of simbrief is down then it would be down for me. But I’ll check

Simbrief doesn’t work, here is a flight aware plan cause I’m guessing that’s your best option


thanks! i’ll use flight aware in the meantime. Appreciate the help

for the record the flight plan is quite weird once in the app, if anyone has a tool it would be great

Don’t be surprised if you have a weird FPL that deviates your course a bit. That’s part of the realism and not every flight plan is direct. I hope that clears it up for you.

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You can use or Flight plan database

Or you can use FLPTOIF And go to Flight aware to make a flight plan.

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Simbrief/FplToIf works for me now.

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yep simbrief is fixed and i planned my flight the second it was back up and running ! thanks guys

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I use to plan the route, then copy and paste it onto

From Skyvector, you can have information like the estimated flight time calculated out for you, from your speed and altitude input. It also provides SIGMET weather information which can also be beneficial to your flight planning.

Hope this helps.

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Did you check if it is working now? It is working for me.

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