Simbrief Aircraft Profiles for IF

Hey what’s up guys it’s Scarce SnOw CoNe here.

Hope you all doing fine during isolation.

So…I started a small little project.

I’m sure many of you know what simbrief is, if not go check it out! It is quite useful to use for flight planning.


I decided to make every single commercial airliner profile in from IF. I figure that this may help some people who want to use simbrief’s flight planning tools. What I’ve done is that I have adjusted the weights (ie. OEW, MTOW, MLW, ZFW…etc) to fit the specifications of the IF aircraft (as well as try to add a touch of realism when I can).

For now, I will have a link for each aircraft profile that will be added to your simbrief account. Just click on the airline name listed under each aircraft and you’ll have the option to save it to your account. With that said:

I did not modify the fuel factor, hence all fuel factors are set to 00. Therefore it is up to the pilot in command to adjust to their fuel needed accordingly!

I did this because I realize that everyone has their own style of flying so it’d be best that it should be up to each individual user to experiment with the fuel factor…for now that is.

Do keep in mind that I tried to optimize the weights as much as I could given that their are some restrictions with some IF aircraft.

At the time of posting I will have finished some of the A320 family of aircraft, but I will be progressively adding all the airliners in IF. Might as well give at least some aircraft profiles little by little rather than doing it all at once (lil tedious lol)

If there are any unique configs (like BA’s A318’s) I will make notes about each aircraft that needs it.
(If you wanna help with that pm me and we can gather info quicker! :) )

Soooooooo here it is below! I organized it in accordance to aircraft manufacturer.

The list below shows what’s been added, worked on, or not in yet.

A320 Family

A318 ✅
A319 ✅
A320 ✅
A321 ✅

A330 Family

A330-200F ❌
A330-300 ❌


A340-600 ❌


A350-900 ❌

A380-800 ❌


717-200 ❌

737 Family

737-700 (In Progress)
737-700 BBJ❌
737-800 ❌
737-900 ❌

747 Family

747-200 ❌
747-400 ❌
747-8 ❌
747-SCA ❌
747-SOFIA ❌
VC-25 ❌

757 Family

757-200 ❌

767 Family

767-300 ❌

777 Family

777-200ER ❌
777-200LR ❌
777-200F ❌
777-300ER ❌

787 Family

787-8 ❌
787-9 ❌
787-10 ❌

CRJ Family

CRJ-200 ❌
CRJ-700 ❌
CRJ-900 ❌
CRJ-1000 ❌

Dash 8

Dash 8 Q400 ❌

E-Jet Family

E170 ❌
E175 ❌
E190 ❌
E195 ❌

McDonnell Douglas
DC10 / MD11 Family

DC-10 ❌
MD-11 ❌

So, now that you’ve seen that there comes the issue with simbrief’s fuel factor in comparison to IF’s.

I will place a poll here and I want your opinion.

I want to know as to whether determining each aircraft’s fuel bias should be kept for each pilot to figure out independently.


would you prefer that there can be a plan made to kinda crowd source a general fuel bias for the airliners in IF?

  • Leave the fuel factor so that can determine their own fuel bias
  • Have a way to make a general fuel bias for everyone

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I would enjoy any feedback from you guys about this whether it be negative, positive, confusion, or mEmEs

If you think there are any errors in the profiles let me know and I will try to fix them as soon as I can! Though I ask that you give a source if it is a configuration change.

Change log


A318 and A319 profiles created


Added all A320 Profiles
(exception to DutchBird)
Transferred to a Google Doc due to limited space on IFC


A321 Profiles completed



just give me time to checkout

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Ok I may have went over the character limit by 3 fold…so I updated the post to a document that has all the profiles.

Plus I got all the A320’s done!

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