Simbrief AIRAC 1802

I’m trying to plan for a flight in a few hours, but it seems my STAR is messed up. Does anyone have the AIRAC 1802 code for SimBrief?


I believe you have to buy it through like Navigraph


You have to buy those things? Insanity! Someone should be a hero and save us a few bucks.

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Well, Simbrief is mainly used for PC flight simmers and not for mobile simmers

Not that expensive and you get charts (sim use only) for most of the airports around the world with it.

SimBrief uses old AIRAC cycles which are periodically provided for free from Navigraph. If you want SimBrief to use the latest AIRAC cycle, you’ll have to sign up on Navigraph’s website and buy the latest AIRAC cycle. You can use it for other programs as well such as PC based FMC add ons.

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I have a Navigraph subscription myself, and honestly, it wasn’t worth the money considering I bought it solely for Infinite Flight. Sure, you get cool airport diagrams, airway charts, and approach plates, but as of now, they’re not applicable to Infinite Flight. I use Navigraph primarily for creating flight plans, but since the Infinite Flight navigation database is relatively old, the new AIRAC cycles are not in there.

I recommend sticking with the default SimBrief AIRAC cycle as the more recent ones are pretty pointless (for Infinite Flight at least).


I’ve been using AIRAC 1603 all along and it’s been working good.


DI subscribe to the latest AIRACs because I also simulate on the PC with the PMDGs aircraft. For IF the difference is minimal. Stay happy in 1603!

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When I feel like doing the extra work I just go to sites like airnav and flightaware and look at the current plates and hand type fixes in the flight plan. For short routes I sometimes use the IFR low charts on Airnav to manually chart a course if I feel like it. Though it has required some homework. Especially for turboprop aircraft because SIM brief will mainly give you you departure and arrival fixes for jet aircraft only use but learning more with each tutorial video I watch lol

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I believe @Cameron_Stone has the updated AIRAC on simBrief.

Yeah, I as well have the updated AIRAC on simbrief (1802). I’ll be around if you guys want a FPL made.

If it’s charts you need, head over to They’ve got all the charts! In the US that is.


But has always made me wonder why FDS doesnt use the AIRAC to provide the waypoints? This would ensure all airspaces have the up to date waypoints as those are included in AIRAC.


Expensive licensing issues I believe.

AIRAC’s are paid. You can live off with 1503 until some major changes occur(LAX is one that always changes). I have 1802 myself but I also use that for P3D.

It’s 1603, not 1503 thank god haha. I do have 1802 and it’s good to get rid of the nuisances of not updating, but you can get by without it.

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