Simbrief added the TBM!

TBM is finally added to Simbrief!!

I just wanted to let you all know;)
Gonna take a test now wish me luck lol


Sweet! Thanks for making me and others aware will definitely use this now that I know 😉


Thank you for letting me and other know. We defenetly try it.

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Amazing! But don’t is the 930, but looks good

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Trying out the TBM soon

Nice to see they added it

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@Chris_S Is this updated in FPLtoIF? I’m pretty sure that SimBrief used to use the C208 when you put in a TBM through the site.

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I’ll update it this weekend. I also need to update the waypoint database. I’ll be traveling tomorrow so will get to it when I can.


Awesome. Thanks, Chris!

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They updated it a little while ago for the release of the HotStart TBM900 for X-plane 11. :)

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