Simbreif Planning Questions

Hiya! I’ve used simbrief for flight planning for some time now (but still very much a noob with it) and I have a few questions about Simbrief and IF

  1. Are Simbreif fuel estimates accurate for IF?
    When simbreif gives estimates for how much fuel i should carry I always carry a few thousand more kilos more than the estimated number just in case. Is there a more accurate solution to this?

  2. Cruise Altitudes
    I know that Simbreif gives Intial Flight levels and Cost Indexs but I’m not sure about it’s actual cruise altitude.

  3. Cruise/Climb/Descent Speeds
    Simbrief doesn’t give speeds for Cruise/Climb/Descent, I use the T/O and Landing profiles from the communtiy most of the times and they do help a lot but soem aircraft don’t have them so I’m guessing half the time or searching on google for A330-900 cruise mach speeds and climb speeds.

The solution tailored for IF

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Let me help you out by actually answering your questions…

I have never had a problem with being underfueled when using Simbrief. Just ensure you put an extra 60 to 90 minutes of extra fuel in the “Extra Fuel” field depending on the length of your flight.

Simbrief’s altitudes are based off real-world data - the sam as their flight plans. Their altitudes are accurate for your direction, weight of aircraft and airspace you’re in.

I’m sure Simbrief does provide these speeds, given FPLtoIF extracts them for their data, though I’ve not seen them and to be honest, don’t make much use of them anyway as Mach speeds are something I just know… But they’d be somewhere in the Briefing Preview if you were to find them.

If you ahve any further questions, please do ask as I’d be more than happy to help!


Thank You So Much for these clarifiactions!

If you want a precise calculation for Infinite Flight you can create aircraft profiles. This can be made at “saved airframes”, there, you will find aircraft bases and you can edit them for simulator configuration of a real world airline. At “fuel factor” label you can adjust if needed.

Tip: do the flight with simbrief and see what’s the percentage of difference between planned and consumed. After that you can fill the label will PXX or MXX based on your calculation

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