Sim won't start

I can’t start a flight in Live or Solo mode. I can select my plane, and select the location of origin, but once I hit the Fly button and the load screen comes up, the game crashes. I have a live subscription, and I’m running on an iPhone 6S with IOS 10. I honestly don’t know why this is happening so help would be great.

Please restart your device and reinstall Infinite Flight. Be sure you connected to the internet.


Do you have iOS 10.3.3?

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I’ve restarted my device twice already

Have you reinstalled Infinite Flight?

Have you ever considered trying to update to the latest IOS 11 profile?

Turn off anti-aliasing

Be sure you have at least 1 GB of free storage on your phone.

It doesn’t matter if he is not on IOS11.

That’s not the problem if he can’t even start the game.

I believe so, yes. I can’t get IOS 11 because my phone has an internal problem. I was flying perfectly fine yesterday and now this happens.

Also remember to have fast Wifi or Fast cellular data! Also try getting IOS 11!

Alright, let’s give the OP a chance to read some of the suggestions before this support topic turns into 30 needless posts.


I notice that but, it may fix the problem that he is inquiring about.

I’ve tried all of these things that have been mentioned above. I think I’ll just give my phone a rest and try again tomorrow.

a hot fix has just been released to the apple store download it and let us know how it goes i am downloading it now

Please try the following so that we can do a process of elimination:

-Put all of your graphics settings at a minimum
-Close the app
-Reset your router
-Restart your device
-Relaunch the app.

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I just deleted the app, restarted my phone, reinstalled the app with the hotfix Update from today, and placed my settings on medium. It seems to work now without any problems…


Okay do a short flight and report back. Thanks

if nothing happens gradually increase your settings, i had to do this on my iPad air 2 when the new update came out