Sim won't let me turn my camera without slamming multiple fingers on the screen

I am on the oldest model of IPad Pro and on the newest iOS. And I can’t turn my camera around or press anything without slamming multiple fingers on the screen after a bit after pressing something. Because of it I just crashed, can someone help?

Isn’t that your fingers’ fault, and not the sim…?


I can imagine that this is your iPad’s fault, not IF’s. I’m not sure though.
Please restart both you iPad and IF, and then reinstall IF first

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The big or small one. Rather hard too work it out with that info…

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That sounds like a device issue. Not sure what to tell you.

Are your fingers on the throttle and rudder at the same time?

Might want a new one then:)


Try and get a new device. Apps nowadays are made, or optimised for newer devices as they work best that way

Easier said than done :).

Its like…

“Go get a new iPad…”

“Yeah let me go and buy a $300 iPad just so I can play Infinite Flight.”

(Sounds like something I would do)


Sounds like a rich person move to me.


Like others have said, this sounds like a device issue.
Here is some simple troubleshooting:

  • Restart your device (Best thing to do first)
  • Make sure you only have one finge on the screen at once
  • If all fails, take the device to the Apple Store

I have a 9.7 iPad Pro and have never had this problem. Also, have issues like this only happened on Infinite Flight? If not, then it is definitely a device issue.


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