Sim flight to Sydney Kingsford over Thanksgiving break @KJFK - 262000ZNOV19


  • Aircraft and Livery: I would advise a heavy aircraft such as the 747, 787-8,-9, or 787-10, or the A380, it’s up to you.

  • Route: JFK or surrounding area airports, will advise based on windspeed/runway length, then copy flight plan. Cruising Altitude is FL320, speed is 320kts.

  • Time of Departure: Could we aim for 3:00pm EST? I’m open to a time change if need be.

  • Server: Training

  • Additional Information: If you need to land early and go, I’m fine with that. In the event fuel is needed, we can land early to allow for refueling.

Hey! The rule of the #live:groupflights category is that it has to be flown within 3 hours. Yours is scheduled for in about 7 hours. Please check out this topic.

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Have a great day and nice flight choice! 😉

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Aw shucks. Well at least I know the time frame now.

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It’s ok! You can always change the time to in 3 hours or less!

I’m in school today, so i had to plan around that. My thanksgiving break starts at 1:00pm today.

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Ok, you can always have a moderator close this topic and make a topic around 11:00 or whenever you want as long as it’s within 3 hours! :)

I’d like that then. I’ll just create a new one at 1:30 after I get home and get settled. Perhaps you’d like to join?

I don’t think my schedule fits that. Sorry.

I think the formatting is right though!

That’s a bummer. I was hoping I’d get a really big turnout so we could flood JFK.

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even at well planned events, airports don’t get flooded. it won’t happen unless it’s an extremely popular event.

To add on to what @rockpapernuke said, group flights only usually get 1 or 2 people joining. So don’t think it’s not good because most group flights don’t get many attendees, probably because your letting them know only a few hours before. That’s why I like events better.

Ah, thanks.

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