Sim Crashing

Once again, my game has started crashing. i have an iphone SE, the games updated, my phones fully updated. i have 126 gigs of memory on my phone. iv done the uninstalling and reinstalling thing, iv restarted my phone and iv tried lowering my graphics and other stuff that maybe causing it to crash. once again, nothing is working. any suggestions?

When is the crashing occurring? Is it consistent and reproducible?

well, it normally happens after about 15-20 mins of flight time. would you like a video of it?

Can you confirm that there are no background apps running? Are you remaining in the app once you spawn in? Are you pausing your session at all? Last, are you using third party apps for Infinite Flight while this occurs?

no. there are no background apps running, I like to keep my phone clean as much as I can from things like that. I have paused the game a few times in the past to recalibrate the controls but it still crashes regardless of pausing, I actually tested that and I didn’t know there are third-party apps for the game

That much storage is a plus, but that doesn’t have anything to do with the amount of RAM available to the app. Do you know how much RAM you have?

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umm no. how would i check this? before the game crashes, it runs seamlessly. theres no stuttering or any lag

Just checked, the Iphone SE has 2gb ram, which is enough to handle infinite flight, The SE is also a supported device.

Is your device jailbroken? If so, that might be an issue

nope :P im a dummy so i have no idea about all that stuff hehe

Well that should not be the problem then haha

Okay, yea Infinite Flight has an API System for third party apps (LiveFlightConnect, IF Passengers, IFInstruments and so on)… Just wanted to clarify that this wasn’t occurring while using a joystick or any of the other apps.

@Jack_Marcel_Neclouse Please clarify which iOS version you have installed and which Infinite Flight build is installed. I know that you said everything is up to date but we need this for confirmation.

The only option left is to reset your device I’m afraid. Secure all your data and reset it. If that doesn’t help then your device must have got damaged by smth else.

That’s storage, not RAM

IF virsion is 17,12,2 aaand my phone is 11.2.6 :)

iv actually done that before and it worked but it seems after some time, it happens again. egh i really dont want to have to restart my device all over again. :/

Looks like your infinite flight is not up to date, I have version 17.12.6553.18396, did you get your Infinite Flight from the app store?

yea an i checked for updates on it but nothing has come through for me

Hmm, could you show a screenshot of the about section? We should have the same version.

sure thing. one moment, this might take a little while :P