Sim Crashed

Well tonight I was flying my first transatlantic flight, Toronto, Canada to London. About 30 minutes out of heathrow the weather status went out and I was stuck with a 57kt cross wind, proceeded into heathrow and would have been landing with a 232* crosswind of 57kts for runway 27R. At about 6 miles out on final, my sim decided to crash, it had been lagging ever since the weather went down. Needless to say wasn’t very happy, 6hr flight was wasted.

Please provide device info. OS, device.



Sorry you had to experience this, however there is nothing we can do. The servers are being upgraded all the time to prevent this happening.
Regarding your sim crashing, that is an issue you’re having and I don’t think the weather had anything to do with it

Is this the first time it crashed? Device info and specs please! :)

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Please read this topic.

The weather status has that red symbol popping up for me every 2 minutes or so when it reloads the current weather. Maybe it would be better if the loading symbol for weather would be a yellow caution icon instead of the red symbol, which in your case meant it had lost connection?

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Don’t feel frustrated, your flight time and XP will have updated to the server regularly during your flight, thus meaning you will not lose all your stats from that flight.

Regarding your initial problem, there isn’t much that can be done. As others have stated, the servers have recently been updated, meaning that glitches or crashes can still be imminent. The developers are about to push a hot fix for a few freezing issues, so your best bet is to wait until that comes out. If the issue persists, create another support topic (“conjoin” it with this one), or notify a staff member. I believe you can contact FDS directly via email, so I’ll try to find that for you.

Have a great evening!

My game crashed after a 7h flight. Didn’t save.

Are you sure? It should have but it takes a while to update. If you check in a bit it should have saved

This happened a few days ago. Not there.

You can see your stats increasing as you progress into your flight, so it must’ve been an issue where it didn’t update.