Sim crashed while doing ATC

Today while practicing atc after a while the sim crashed and could not continue. It is already a couple of times that happens to me. it happened to you?

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Make sure you include steps to reproduce the bug and device/app information in a bug report. There is also a similar bug report here, but if yours is different then expand on it more.

Recently my infinite flight has been crashing I don’t know why it’s a bit abnormal as it never usually happens

I do every time before to start session

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I have ipad air 2

You need to include IOS version, device, and steps to reproduce like control KSAN for 30 minutes on playground or heavy traffic. Ect

V9.1,ipad air2,controlling t/g around 1h in TAPA,playground server.

Add it to the original so David or others don’t have to search :)

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