Sim crashed before getting to gate

Hello. Yesterday, I was flying from CYYZ to EHAM and I landed at EHAM but before I could get to my gate, the sim crashed and logged me out before I could redeem the XP and flight hours. Is there any way I could get those points back or is it gone for good?

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First of all, you gain XP as you fly, not when you end your flight. Are you on IOS?


Yes. Iā€™m on IOS

On IOS, its one of the most known and hot topics out there with no real fix for now but we have one in development. For now, just tone down your settings to low and wait for a hotfix. Hope this helps!

Since you only asked to recover your points, you already have them as you fly.

Also no need to worry because as long as you landed no XP is lost.