SilverSwiss VA [NOW HIRING]

SilverSwiss: “Flying you Further”

Hi community!

SilverSwiss Air Services is a committed VA that aims to provide a friendly and welcoming experience to all skill levels. Just started out on live? No problem. We offer training and advice to all users, new or old.

Our VA is proudly IFVARB approved, and also in the “Silver Alliance”, a partnership with DHL America VA.

The VA is split into 2 branches. SilverSwiss Airtaxi (SSAT) and SilverSwiss Airlines (SSAL). Together, they make SSVA.

There will be ranks available to highly contributing and active pilots. These are as follows: (the aircraft listed are the premium aircraft only available to that rank and above)

  • [Ranks Currently Undecided]

More ranks may be added, and routes for the 717 shortly.

This VA will welcome people who are already part of other VAs, and does not require people to be highly active.

More info will be on the website, including our routes, our fleet, and more info on the VA itself (including our unique Cessna 208 operated Airtaxi Service!)

If you are thinking of applying for a staff role, then please PM me.

See you all in the everlasting blue skies!

Alliance Website:


Very Nice! This VA should be a very scenic one with its C208 routes :)

Proud to be apart of it! [Nice Job With The Website BTW]


I would say that too, great job done by its creator!


I created it :) thanks for the lovely remark!


Aqualantic VA is proud and excited to be a codeshare partner with silver swiss!

We wish our friends all the very best and look forward to a long and healthy partnership!

Jake Savage
Aqualantic |


@Balloonchaser check PMs

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We have updated the original post. You now get a free rank 2 if you sign up before official operations start!


Hello, I applied yesterday and have not had an answer?

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yeah sorry about that. the website’s application form is currently unresponsive and I am looking into it. For now though, can you PM me your email?

Yeah i will send it soon

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Ok a little late to post this but-

The website’s pilot-application form is fixed!

We have made a new recruitment event! Sign up now as we have limited slots!


How long would one receive your reply after turning in an application?

I will have a look at your application tonight. For now, you’re part of the VA.

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I applied hoping I will be selected to fly

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