Silver Airways Orders 50 ATR -600 Aircraft

This kind of order is unusually high for a small regional airline, and a small plane company like ATR. Silver Airways (Floridian and Caribbean regional airline) has signed a letter of intent to purchase 50 ATR-600 aircraft, for 1.1 billion dollars. It’s the first ATR -600 series order for a North American carrier. The order will start with 20 ATR 42-600 planes and they will change the order to the larger ATR 72-600 aircraft later on. They are going to use it to replace the aging Saab 340 fleet.
Personally, I’m going to miss the Saab 340 and I feel that their livery looks much better on that. I’m glad I got to see them a bunch of times at FLL when I go yearly.


American Eagle (US regional carrier) used them.


So crazy. Those Saabs are iconic at Florida airports.


Sorry, meant to say it’s the first North American order for the -600 series


Do you think that the ATR could open up options like FLL-SXM or further down into the Caribbean?!?

Silver Air definitely doesn’t have 50 Saabs so are they going for a rapid expansion to the fleet?

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Aswell as FedEx Express they had both the ATR-42 and the ATR-72

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Silver airways? Are their aircraft painted in pure silver? If so they are one rich airline!

Cool! I love the ATRs!

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I just took a look at the livery and I have to say that is a unique look. I still can’t decide if I like it, but that is definitely a look that stands out.

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Favorite airline getting a upgrade but I will miss the Saab’s flying pass my house.

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As a Floridian, I love Silver Airways. Maybe might even make it in the game one day 🤔


Same. I plan to fly from FLL to MCO someday.

My home airport is TPA, will definitely fly from there. I saw one of their Saabs fly over today. Can’t wait to see one of their ATR aircraft overhead.

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