Silver Airways announces new Focus City in Branson, Missouri

Silver Airways has recently announced a new focus city in Branson, MO earlier this week. The three new routes flown out of Branson will be used with ATR-42 aircraft, which will start to be delivered early next month. The three new destinations will be Chicago O’Hare, Houston Intercontinental, and New Orleans. All three flights are set to begin August 30th of this month.

My Opinion

I’m thrilled that Silver Airways has chosen to start a hub/focus city here in the heartland! Hopefully they will expand greatly here! What are your guys thoughts on this?



Is Silver Airways a budget airline? Because I have never heard of that before.

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They’re more of a commuter airline, mainly based in FL. Don’t feel bad if you haven’t heard about them before lol


Branson is a tourist trap. These routes would have done much better based in St. Louis, Kansas City, or Jefferson City.

Just out of curiosity:

What are the chances of survival for those small airlines in the US? I mean, in Europe you have the big carriers, and the smaller ones kinda disappear very fast. Take a look at Germany. They have Lufthansa. And Lufthansa own Germanwings and Eurowings; which are the other bigger airlines. Air Berlin doesn’t exist anymore. There’s hardly any competition. Bad for the ticket prices.

Silver Airways has been flying since 2011 (7 years), so they seem to be successful, and they even fly international routes as well

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They sound interesting. I’ve never heard of them though.

Anyway, how is the system working in the US? Do you have like any competition between airlines? Does it make a difference in the ticket price depending on which airline you’re going to choose? And if yes, is the service on the more expensive one any better?

I mean, here in Switzerland, I can choose between easyJet and SWISS on some shorthaul flights. There’s a big price difference. And the service on SWISS‘ shorthaul isn’t actually better than on easyJet. You get something to drink, but that’s it. Actually pretty poor for the price you’re paying.

But I see I’m going off topic here. It’d still be great to discuss though.

Regarding the expansion of Silver Airways: I am a fan of competition on the market. So if an airline is expanding it is opening new chances for competition. Can’t say no to that.

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Yayayay Houston! I may be flying them to Branson for Thanksgiving!

That only one example, there are countless small airlines doing particularly well in Europe. Atlantic Airways, Small Planet, Titan, BMI Baby, cityjet, Neos, Etc. Unfortunately markets like Swiss are not large enough to warrant small airlines but larger countries in Europe do enjoy small airlines just the Same as Silver Airways. The ATR order for Silver was a big step in the right direction for the company and I think we slowly see that pay off.


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