Silly situation on the expert server

Hi ! Now I will tell you a little story that happened to me yesterday.
I was flying LX242 LSZH-OMDB and this situation happened during landing. Boeing 777-200F didn’t go around while I was on the runway.


That is of course unprofessional behavior. I guess that the airport wasn’t controlled by IFATC at this time.


I’m guessing that there wasn’t an active ATC at that time. Many pilots do not fly professionally if there wasn’t an ATC available, they just do fly professionally when there’s an ATC so they don’t get ghosted. You can PM that pilot if he has their IFC linked.

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I am so sorry this happened it seems that IFATC were not present at the time I can see that the user has their IFC linked instead of posting a public thread showing it, it take it to a PM with the user @zaki_fauzan_efendi_h it is expert and we as IFATC cannot be everywhere all the time. Again sorry this happened.


Yes, the airport was out of control

Unfortunately I suppose there are nothing we can do about it in the moment. Like @Average_Gamer said, why don’t you personally PM the user that made you uncomfortable and have a talk? I’d say this method will be much more professional rather than putting this personal issue where every other’s can see. You’d also know that there are no responsibilities to ATC crews when the airport’s ATC isn’t active. Sorry that this happened, but you might also want to consider my suggestion too! Thanks :)


Some people are not like me
I go around but they don’t :)

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thats definitely unprofessional, i was lined up and ready for takeoff when someone in a A340 literally parked on top of me and took off, its complete chaos in the casual and training servers, luckily i just made grade 3. so far I’ve had a much better experience in the expert server

contact him here @zaki_fauzan_efendi_h

But please refrain from posting pictures with tags and names on as i believe its against some of the rules or is generally frownd upon.


Not really its only for Screenshots and Videos i think

sorry guys but, I was the first to go to the runway, and I suddenly overtook him, but if I’m wrong, I apologize and I will correct my mistake, and not repeat my mistake again


It is a tough situation.

Some might agree, some might not.

We aren’t aware what happened prior to these images. Who was on final first, for example? Did you cut in front of that pilot who was already on final or just the pilot failed to leave adequate separation behind you during the final? What was going on on Unicom? This does not necessarily matter.

Knowing that there’s traffic behind me on final, I would have left the runway at my earliest opportunity, without slowing down to 18kts. The taxiway you were using could have been safe to use with a higher ground speed due to its angle.
If I noticed the traffic behind me way too close for the final and that I won’t be able to leave the runway on time for them, I would have announced a Go Around myself and let them land. No big deal.

What I’m saying is professionalism works either way. Just look out for each other guys. :)

EDIT: Was too late typing and didn’t see the message above. Doesn’t matter. Still look out for each other and go the extra mile if you think that’s the best thing to do! Safe flights and happy landings!


I agree with your words

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Yes this is why we suggest you guys to have a talk privately. We don’t know the exact situation so we shouldn’t be deciding if he/she did wrong or not. Maybe the other guy was approaching in the first place and this guy might’ve just entered the runway without waiting. Or maybe it could be the exact opposite situation. Who knows? But no offense, the truth is that this is a personal issue which occured between the two of you, and it’s actually none of our business judging who’s fault it is. So I strongly recommend you guys to solve this personally, as this is a personal matter. Or you guys could just contact the officials for further advices. Let’s just keep the community more productive:)

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you are totally right on this point there are people who prefer to touch in the grass than to go around make an effort please i much prefer go around than doing myself totally Ridiculed on a landing all that for 10 minutes more times I see landings I limit want to stop my flight and close the game it’s really catastrophic landings


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