Silly Question. But

Good day all! Silly question but when ATC say maintain speed xxx can you fly slower or do you have to fly on the speed they say? Many Thanks


Just stay on the speed that they say. Key word "Maintain’.


Yes. I’d recommend flying no more than 10 knots slower than the instructed speed because aircraft behind you could be going at the exact speed instructed.

You should fly the speed they tell you to :)

If ATC wanted you no faster than a certain speed they would say “(call sign) Do not exceed XXXkts”.

Do not exceed xx knots: do not fly faster than xx knots. Everything below xx knots is acceptable.
Reduce speed to xx knots: this means that you must reduce your speed to xx knots. Do not deviate from this.
Increase speed to xx knots: increase your speed to xx knots.
Maintain xx knots or greater: do not fly any slower than xx knots. Everything above xx knots is acceptable.


No silly questions on IFC we are always happy to answer.
Happy Flying

Thank you for all the answers so quickly IFC! Many thanks

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