Silly moments, unprofessional pilots

Famous for ‘pilot error’ crashes, the Training server always has funny things happening.
The ATC isn’t particularly helpful, so that makes matters even worse.

When ATC cleared me (United 77W) for take-off, I spotted the F22 on the runway and tried to reject it. However, ATC said ‘immediate takeoff’, so I had no choice but to take-off. Silly decision.

Ironically, no one cleared the F22 for take-off, but ATC ignored it, and asked me to take-off. However, tower didn’t tell him to hold position and guess what? He took off without clearance.

Now what are you playing?! He tried to intercept me, and I had to do two 360s at 8000 ft and 13000 ft. After getting clear of the fighter jet, I saw him turn back and yes, land without clearance. What I can say was, it didn’t end well for him, a United 739 and a Southwest 737. I don’t have to say more, do I? Oh yeah, and finally, what is a fighter doing at LAX?!?

Share some of your funny moments here!

That’s just the training server being training server lmao.

There is actually a thread about this, see below:

I know, I just wanted to make my own…

The ATC was probably saving his nerves because F22s tend to not listen anyways

Hard pass on this sort of thread, thanks!