Silkway Cargo 747-8F

——————Silkway Cargo—————-


Silkway cargo is a Azerbaijani Airline that move cargo to its 31 destination is not a popular Cargo Industry this cargo company works nonstop every day so I would love to see this Livery on the 747-8F

747-8F maximum payload 975,000 lb (442 t) maximum take-off weight with a payload capability of 308,000 lb (140 t) and a range of 4,390 nmi (8,130 km)

Length: 250′

Top speed: 614 mph

Range: 9,320.6 mi

Wingspan: 225′ 0″

Cruise speed: 568 mph

Engine type: General Electric GEnx

First flight: 747-8F: February 8, 2010; 747-8I: March 20, 2011

Silkway Cargo Hubs

Heyder Aliyev International Airport

IATA ICAO Callsign

Fleet Size Aircraft
17 Aircraft 747-8F

Founded 2001
Airlines Silkway
Cargo flights

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Yes! I would love to have this aircraft in IF!


Indeed this livery is awesome

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This livery was left out of the cargo industry I want to bring it to the infinite flight world

This Cargo company transports cargo from Asia to the west on the famous silk road together with Cargolux company,
This Livery, whose main location is Baku airport, would be great. ✅


But what a lovely Livery @TA-VA_AVAZ


This also comes in handy Boeing 747 Rework

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this coating is amazing it must come

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The livery Absolutely must come to the simulator

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It is a lovely livery indeed, I love seeing them land at HK airport IRL


I glad I made this topic we would not have this livery today

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